About us

As we begin our 23rd year at CC Exhibitions we cannot believe the recovery of the Exhibition & Events Industry following the COVID 19 pandemic.

When COVID hit our industry we were left to try other avenues of work. We even teamed up with a Coffin manufacturer who were struggling

to cope with the demand, along with the setting up of our spray facility. We also refitted clients showrooms and installed interiors in Fast Food Outlets.

We are hoping that 2023 will be as busy as 2022 which was actually our best year ever.

If we can be of service to yourselves, please get in touch.

In House Spray Shop

During Covid lockdown Back in 2020 we supported a coffin manufacturer as demand was so high, in order for us to this we had to utilise a spray shop facility which was already up & running to lacquer all the coffins for us.

The company ended up closing down whilst the coffin production was in full flow and to continue supplying the finished coffins we decided to buy the facility!

Since then we have been spraying counters, walls, features for ourselves as well as supporting many other local exhibition companies & designers spraying all kinds of elements for stands & interiors they are working on.

To take on another production facility during lockdown was quite a worrying decision at the time but now we wouldn’t be able to continue servicing our clients without it.


Our New CNC Machine

Towards the end of this Summer, we had our very own SCM CNC machine installed, which will be a great advantage during our busy periods.